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Do you offer gift cards?

Yes! Absolutely,we believe that you will love our products so much... you'll want to share the love and magic of everything  we have to offer!

What are the payment options?

Because we know times are changing and theres many new ways to pay we will or course Accept PayPal and Credit Cards. along with the newer payment apps. Feel free to send us a message requesting any of the options as follows Venmo, Cash App, Facebook Pay

What is your return policy?

Due To the Nature of the this business we can not accept returns on our products for hygenic reasons. However, we can offer 60% credit Minus shipping.
As for the items we can accept returns a refund minus shipping can be issued.

Do you offer custom items?

We encourage it!  Due to the nature of our products and the personalization put into them. We can absolutley put in what ever it is you need. some examples are allergies to certain ingredients, not needing all the benfits of a product, wanting a different crystal, specific energy via music (happy, calm, self love, healing etc) full moon charged for purpose, or the sun. Anything you can think of we can try ou best to accomodate.

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