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2oz Amethyst Lavender Foot soak

2oz Amethyst Lavender Foot soak

AMETHYST FOOT SOAK Organic sea, Himalayan,Epsom, Dead sea salts, infused with Powdered Amethyst, Amethyst Sand, Lavender essential oil, Topped with whole Lavadin adorned with Amethyst crystals... wild crafted+ natural organic+  infused with positivity energy. All crystals are charged and cleansed on selenite prior to placing in their bed of organic salts and oils. Like me and Already love amethyst? Prepare to become obsessed with it!  This mix has stolen my heart! There are SO0o0O many amazing benefits to this combo. Some believe that amethyst can actually help remove toxins from the body. In fact you can even purchase detoxifying foot pads with amethyst in them. (But who has that kind of budget ha) Instead this simple foot soak will give the same benefits and leaving behind pretty crystals for your collection 🥰
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