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Bath Creams (5)

Bath Creams (5)

Like a milk bath these cute creams have goats milk, herbs, oils and amazing skin benefits of chamomile lavender 💜 compact in a cute flower melt to just plop into the bath and relax. Goats milks is amazing for skin as it milk-acts as a gentle cleanser,Hydrates, moisturizes, and softens the skin, Promotes healthy looking, toned skin, May relieve redness and itching due to dryness.

 Meanwhile lavender promotes tissue growth which reduces scars and other skin imperfections. The powerful packed antioxidants protect your skin from damaging free radicals, which contribute to fine lines and wrinkles. 

Chamomile another calming herb in more ways than just mood its helps calm occasional red, dry, and irritated skin is Anti-aging. Like most herbs and natural extracts, chamomile has antioxidants that help protect  the skin from environmental stressors and reduces the appearance of aging so hello youthful appearance and soft skin!
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