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Moisturizing Lip Balm .3oz

Moisturizing Lip Balm .3oz

Organic Vegan lipbalms .3oz $6 (standard is .15) 
Apple pie
Matcha green tea
Candy cane
**All lipbalms come in vegan options with caranuba wax or regular organic with beeswax ** also any oil is interchange for allergies swap almond, grapeseed, coconut etc. 

Lip balms are often a habit to put on over and over, but what if you didn't need to reapply out of need... but just that want?! Double the size of your typical lip balm but in an eco friendly paper container your lips and the environment will thank you!  Choose your favorite flavor!
Green tea- Shea butter coconut oil beeswax avocado oil mango butter Matcha green tea. 
Lavender-Shea Butter cocoa butter beeswax herb infused oils (coconut olive almond grapeseed) essential oil. 
Lemonade, lemon infused oil, Shea butter beeswax, cocoa butter,  grapeseed oil, essential oils 
 candy cane, gingerbread apple cider,-  Shea butter beeswax,olive coconut cocoa butter natural flavor extract and/or essential oil.
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