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Super Nourishing Winter Body Butter 2oz

Super Nourishing Winter Body Butter 2oz

This butter is heavenly and super rich in skin benefits due to the oils used and fresh herbs to infuse. Use sparingly (trust me a little goes a long way) Below are the herbs used and butters/oils that make this amazing butter-
Made with unrefined shea butter,mango, cocoa butter, unrefined coconut oil, and hemp oil,arrowroot powder,and vitamin E

 • Calendula – One of the best herbs for skin healing with an amazing ability to gently cleanse and heal wounds of all kinds, calendula will be in healing products for this reason! 

• Chamomile – A natural anti-inflammatory and slightly smelling of sweet apples, chamomile is a very gentle herb that also has been known to help reduce scar tissue and heal wounds faster! Perfect for after surgery or injuries to reduce scar tissue

• Lavender – Naturally analgesic (helps relieve pain) and soothing to the skin, lavender is a great choice for even sensitive skin. It makes for a great addition to bath salts! (Check out the lavender amethyst foot soak/bath salt i offer)

• Marshmallow root – extremely moisturizing and anti-inflammatory, marshmallow root has been known to help soothe and heal everything from dry skin to psoriasis and eczema.
• Oatstraw – the stem of the oat plant that you are used to eating for breakfast (ideas for Fancy Oatmeal), oatmeal is well known for gently soothing and healing all sorts of rashes and skin conditions. Oatstraw has all the same healing properties and is great to help soften and smooth the skin. 
• Plantain – A powerful vulnerary that heals wounds, cuts, and scratches, plantain is highly anti-inflammatory and great at keeping infection at bay. Another herb perfect for surgery and trauma to the skin...

•St. John’s wort – A natural analgesic as well as anti-inflammatory, SJW is also anti-infectious (antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, antimicrobial) which makes it great at keeping wounds clean and from getting infected. 

 It will moisturize to a much deeper level and take longer to sink in. Without any water in body butters, they can be a tad on the greasy side, but once the oils have sunken in, your skin will feel a billion times softer than water based lotions can provide. When you need lots of moisture, body butters are your best bet! This butter will keep you soft for days! Even after showers your skin will be soft. 
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